The Stone Buskers, a 2.51 MB avi file capturing a moment of passing entertainment. 2.    The Stone Dance, a 1.65 MB avi file of stone transitions using time lapse to photograph the stone when it thought no one was watching.
3.   Alien Script , originally assembled as a flash presentation. It no longer loads Transcribed using automatic writing . Translation in process. New link Alien Script (youtube) or Alien Script on site 4.  The Stone ambles Bay Street, originally a 1.73 MB avi. file.
5.  The Spinning Stones ,originally a 673kb avi. file of stone transitions. 6.  The Stone escapes the City ,originally a 1.97 MB avi. file.
7.  The Stone Acrobat ,originally a 3.53 MB avi. file of stone performance. 8. Welcome message from Robert, a Real Media stream 
9. Canada Day, 2001,originally a Real Media stream  10. Even Turkeys Dance, a Real Media stream 
11. Greetings with Tears, a Real Media stream  12. In Each Moving Shadow, a Real Media stream 
13. New Year's Daily Sketch 2019 14. Daily Sketch, November 27, 2018
15. New Years in California, Ontario, 2019  
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