UTube Videos

31.  Daily Sketch, November 19, 2018 32.  Playingwith Autumn's Balance, Rebuilding stone aggregate
33.  Canada Day in California, Ontario Rock balancing configurations and process 34.  Next Year's Woodpile, This Year's Margin 2021, just playing around
35.  Canada Day in the fields and backwoods of California 2017 The aggregates gathered around the pond for this special 150 36.  Earth Day 2017
37.  Skiing in the Fields and Backwoods of California, Ontario, wearing sport cam while skiing 38.  Thoughts on painting while out on a ski
39.  First Snow, California, 40.  Resurrection in California,
41.  Autumn Reveries Paint and Wood, 42.  Rock Balancing: Orchestrated Reconfiguration,
43.  Removing a tree, a bit at a time, Tree had started to die at the bottom and had developed a lean over the shed, as well its canopy blocked the sun from the garden. I started with the cordless electric chainsaw, the small gas saw, then to the larger. 44.  Rock Balancing on the Saskatchewan Prairie,July 2016 near Swift Current
45.  Rock Balancing beside a swollen Carrot River 46.  Rock Balancing: Searching for beginnings Smoky Burn, Saskatchewan,
47. Canada Day: Cowgirl Rock dancing with wood in California 48.  The Cowgirl Returns,
49.  Rock balancing in Iceland, 3 small and unintrusive balancings 50.  Rock Balancing: From the Sublime to the Mundane
51.  More Rock Herding in California 52.  Rock Herding in California
53.  A Willing Rock 54.  Painting and Rock Balancing
55.  April Snow 56.  Chainsaw Bowl
57.  Digging out the Woodpile in California, February 18, 2016 58.  Stirring from the Cold in California
59.  Cutting wood in California, Ontario, February 8th 60.  Beginning the reconstitution
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