UTube Videos

1. In Moments of Despair: A Sky-Pond Reflection, A Daily Sketch video for November 27, 2021. The cofid virus conntines to find new strategies to become another human pet. Many people using it to acquire power and authority. 2.A Ruined Land, peace and tranquility, a thing of the past.
3. Living with the arriving Dead, Neighbours, make you wonder, this alarm lasted 10 days, all day and continues... 4.  Searching for Canada Day Balance, 2021, little to add in these cofid times
5. Casting summer's arrival Uncertainties Cofid continues to influence lives 6.  Temporal Identity,  Incudes Daily Sketch for May 29, 2021,
7.  Earth Day 2021 , Daily sketch with cofid overtones  8. Snow and Wood, January 24, 2021, some real snow
9. Winter's Slow Arrival 2020, cofid-19 continues 10. Repairing the Soul in Covid-19, the aggregate endures changes
11. Autumn Harvest Dance, cofid-19 continues 12. Playing with Rock Pearlman, August 17th Intermittent Daily Sketch 2020
13. Canada Day 2020 cowgirl returns 14. Slow Spring Isolations performance art piece upon a time of pragmatic optimism
15. Aggregate Reconstituted Daily Sketch, September 10, 2019 16. Balancing Rocks in Newfoundland/Labrador, Wildberry
17. Canada Day in California 2019, cowgirl returns for the celebration 18. Daily Sketch, Canada Day, July 1, 2019, rebuild of cowgirl in celebration 
19. Daily Sketch June 24, 2019, 20. Daily Sketch, May 5, 2019,
21. Daily Sketch March 20, 2019, spring dreams  22. Daily Sketch, February 23, 2019,
23. Conversations with an aggregate during winter's renewal,    February 23, Daily sketch recording 2019 24. Tee-shirt woodpile Musings, thank-you Lorie for the Tim breaks
25. Skiing in the Fields and Backwoods of California, Ontario,  The dusting of snow upon the crust of ice was just enough 26. Wood Pile Musings in California, Ontario, Christmas 2018
27. New Year's Daily Sketch 2019, 28. New Years 2019 in California, Ontario,
29. Wood logs arrive in California,  November 30. 2018 30. Daily Sketch, November 27, 2018
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