The artist creates an artistic likeness, image, or a dramatic production or performance which taken as a statement or account made to influence opinion or action in reference to an assumed reality construct or experience. This  is based on the model in which the immediate object of knowledge is an idea in the mind distinct from the external object which is the occasion of perception.

1.     Burnt Offering 2.  Ferns and Rock
3.   The Guardian 4.  Fungus and Water
5.   With Herself and One Other 6.  Water and Rock
7.   Within the Cloak of King Alligator 8.     Banana
9.   Water Reflections 10. Unicorn
11. Bones 12. Dog on ice
13. Rock wall 14. Candy
15 . A Glow of Hope in a Time of Despair 16.   Broken Heart
17.  The Bath
18.  An Ancient Seneschal in Contemporary Disguise or " How does a Gypsy Read Teabags ?"
19.  Iris 20.  Jone's Falls
21.  Backfield 22.  Passage
23.  Autumn notes, winter song 24.  Sun shadows
25.  Rock sun 26. Hydrangea
27. Frozen Falls 28. Winter's Fashion
29. Spring Break-up 30. Snow Troll 
31. Toronto Ice 
32. Merging memories: summer meadow rolled in winter's snowy wrap 
33. Amaryllis: Blooming song and dance

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