The ability to conceptualize, feel, and discern pattern and design affords the artist with the freedom to move about the physical, thematic, temporal and aesthetic properties of the artistic expression.

1.  Zen Gesture 2  . Spring Flow
3.  Envy 4.  Organic Interlace
5.  Inner nature Revealed   6. Old Wives' Lake
7.  E   8.  Fuzzy Logic
9.  Fuzzy Long Logic 10. Fuzzy Long Logic with Lattice
11. "F" 12. Future Model
13. Phoenix 14. Tartan Memory
15. Room with Corner 16. Some Future
17. Mountain Lorraine meets the Red Saskatchewan Knight
18. Mountain Lorraine meets the Red Saskatchewan Knight 1
19. Mountain Lorraine meets the Red Saskatchewan Knight 2
20. Spring 21. Summer
22. Fall 23. Winter
24. 1moonvenus_t.jpg Moon with Venus 25.2bluesky_t.jpg Blue Sky Tales
26.3goldset_t.jpg In Golden Triangle 27.4redquest_t.jpg Red Quest
28. 5lightpinkt_t.jpg Light Pink Matrix 29.6blueorangt_t.jpg Blue to Orange Conversations
30.7lightskyblue_t.jpg In the Light Blue Sky 31.9heartfelt_t.jpg Heartfelt
32. 10trianglearc_t.jpg Balanced upon an Arc 33.11meetingbegin_t.jpg Meeting at the Beginning
34.11meetingbegin_t.jpg Within the double lines 35.8neuron_t.jpg Neuron mapping
36.plotcirclife_t.jpg Surfing the circle of life within an eternity

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